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Is Carbonated Water Your Best Choice?

Dear Friends, After seeing a report indicating how sales of carbonated water have skyrocketed, it is making me realize people are choosing it over filtered water. So what are the issues to be considered? Hydration   We may be aware how important hydration is but even the unflavored, unsweetened carbonated beverages are not satisfying the body’s […]


The toxic meal

Another reason to buy organic…Over the years many resisted buying ‘organic’ because it was too expensive.  Now we have new reasons to feel we are worth the extra cost…GMO’s…and Roundup, a pesticide containing glyphosate, .  Research is showing how disruptive glyphosate is to the intestinal tract, digestion, brain, nerves and more!  And glyphosate is now […]


Lyme Disease: Protect Your Family Against the Scourge of the Countryside Without Using Chemicals

An unusual bounty of acorns a couple of years ago attracted lots of rodent-carrying ticks.  Winter’s deep freeze never happened where I live, allowing ticks to abound. Looks like we’re already experiencing a nasty tick season. While my specialty is successfully addressing Lyme Disease with natural remedies, it’s better if you don’t need my services! As […]


Oh no…now it’s risky to have toast for breakfast?!

While starting off the day with a carb is not the greatest idea, that’s not the risk.  But well-toasted toast is! There is a substance that forms on carbohydrates during cooking at high temps called acrylamide. The U.S. National Toxicology program has it listed as “reasonably anticipated” to cause cancer in humans…right alongside things such […]


The Trouble with Soy Oil

Trans fats have been removed from our foods…yahoo. You know they have to substitute something…and what is it?  Soybean oil…boo! So what’s the problem with soybean oil…soybeans are supposed to be good for you…right? Well, here’s the lowdown as I see it: 1.     Almost all the soy grown in the U.S. is GMO. That means it’s mostly […]


My Favorite Skin Treatment

I’m sharing this blog post because I love this product.  I’ve been using it twice a day for the past year and find my skin more hydrated, fine lines reduced and very dark spots barely there anymore. Skin Care for Women, Made Easy Being a woman can be time-consuming. A lot of effort goes into […]


The “Alkaline Diet” – A Beginner’s Guide

by Andrea Candee, MH, MSC Dear Friends…the folks at FurtherFood.com have posted my article on their home page.  Do check out their site for other contributors passionate about healthy eating and their delicious recipes.   Everywhere you go these days, it seems like someone is swearing by the “Alkaline Diet,” a trending diet phenomenon that […]


Bugs: The Natural Way to Keep Them at Bay

Bugs!  Do I respect them as part of Nature’s miraculous design…yes.  Do I like them…not really.  Despite daily intake of supplements reputed to be bug deterrents (i.e. garlic, B vitamins), many of us are still sweet meat for the little critters.  Acknowledging the skin’s ability to absorb substances into the bloodstream (modern medicine’s example of […]

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