• Lyme disease
  • fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue
  • candida
  • arthritis
  • MS
  • lupus
  • celiac sprue
  • ear infections
  • sinus
  • bronchial
  • osteoporosis
  • parasites
  • intestinal disorders/constipation
  • headaches
  • skin disorders
  • lymphatic congestion
  • emotional imbalances
  • circulation
  • Epstein Barr Virus/Mono
  • asthma
  • and more….

Who comes for a consultation?

  • Those who have tried everything mainstream medicine has offered them and they are still not better;
  • Those who want to combine the best of mainstream and natural medicine (this is called integrated medicine – I believe the way of the future);
  • Or those who prefer to try natural methods in the hopes of avoiding drug therapy.

A Note from Andrea…

The following defines and clarifies my role in your quest for good health.

As a Master Herbalist and Interfaith Minister, the focus of my healing ministry is to enlighten the public about the health promoting properties of natural remedies along with a spiritual approach to the mind and body.

I do not dispense medical advice, diagnose disease, or prescribe.

Consultation with me should not be interpreted as a substitute for information from your doctor.  While I encourage self-awareness of one’s health, it is my opinion that medical advice is a good springboard for pursuing a natural health program.

Due to the experimental nature of natural remedies, please understand that there is no promise, guarantee or other warranty of any results from my counsel and recommendations.

Please be assured that all information is kept confidential.  I am grateful for the opportunity to assist you in your search for knowledge and growth.

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You’re worth it!