Did You Know?

The Trouble with Soy Oil

Trans fats have been removed from our foods…yahoo.
You know they have to substitute something…and what is it?  Soybean oil…boo!
So what’s the problem with soybean oil…soybeans are supposed to be good for you…right?
Well, here’s the lowdown as I see it:

1.     Almost all the soy grown in the U.S. is GMO. That means it’s mostly “Roundup Ready.” It’s grown from Monsanto’s patented seeds that are genetically modified to survive drenching with Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer…and GMO soy crops absorb glyphosate (the killer ingredient in Roundup)…traces of glyphosate end up in soy oil and dozens of other soy products.
Researchers believe that long-term ingesting of glyphosate might play a role in promoting gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, depression, cancer, and Alzheimer’s….and who knows what else…only time will tell.  This is not a decades old product…it’s a new product that does not have a track record.

2.    But wait a minute, you say…I only use organic soy products which don’t contain GMO.  So read on for other reasons not to use it:

Soybean oil is mostly omega-6, which promotes inflammation.

 3.    Unfermented soy products (such as soybean oil) contains phytic acid which blocks mineral absorption, notably zinc, magnesium, and calcium.

Virtually everyone needs MORE of these minerals to protect their health. And you’re thinking that soy gives you calcium.

FERMENTED soy does (such as miso and tempeh).  UNfermented soy’s phytate enzyme blocks the absorption of calcium. Fermentation kills off the enzyme.

4.    Soybean oil contains substances that promote sticky clumping of red blood cells.

Need I say more?
Do share these important findings with everyone you know. 
It’s a blessing to be able to help one another.
Until next time…stay healthy, think peace, be love and see love in everyone! 
 Andrea Candee is a master herbalist for over 25 years
with a consultation practice in South Salem, NY.
She lectures throughout the country and at corporate wellness centers about
taking charge of your health naturally.
Media expert and author, her award-winning book,
Gentle Healing for Baby and Child (Simon & Schuster),
received The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval.
Andrea is noted nationally for her unique and successful approach to Lyme Disease
and works with clients and their pets anywhere in the country.
Her DVD, The Healing Kitchen, a filming of her acclaimed workshop,
is now available so you don’t have to be local to benefit from these empowering teachings.
Also available in hard copy or in PDF format are her booklets:
Herbs, Recipes & Guidance to Winter Wellness;
Sparkling Home, Healthy Planet, Clean Green, and
The Cell Phone Dilemma…options for wellness in an unseen world.  
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