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Light Bulbs 101

The light bulbs we grew up with, compliments of Thomas Edison, are all but gone these days. If you’re like me, you spend more time in front of shelves containing light bulbs (in total confusion) than in front of any other shelf in the store! The choices we now have are either compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) (containing mercury which creates a disposal nightmare and potential health risks or God forbid you drop one) or LEDs…light emitting diodes.

For certain, avoid the CFLs in areas where you spend any significant time or sleep as they may be interfering with melatonin, a sleep producing hormone. Spend enough time in their presence and they can make you feel like you have brain fog and may cause as yet undiscovered health challenges to the organs and glands.  They could be saved for areas like the garage or laundry room where we spend less time.

CFL bulbs emit a blue wavelength of light that serves as a wake-up call to the brain. The light may not appear blue, but it does to a part of your eye that controls sleep and wake cycles. These light sensitive cells in the retina tell the brain if it’s time for sleep or time to be awake.

In the evening, your brain’s pineal gland does its job and starts producing melatonin. The pineal responds to cycles of light and darkness. But CFLs may be interrupting that cycle. Think of these CFLs as giving off morning light. So they wake your brain up just as you are getting ready for bed.

The LEDs with a warm light similar to what we are accustomed to from the incandescent bulbs is your best choice. Look for a lower ‘K scale’ number toward the warm end on the lighting facts label that’s now on all bulb packages. The lower the K number, the less blue light the bulb gives off.

Ahhh…much better for preparing for a good night’s sleep.

Do share these important findings with everyone you know. It’s a blessing to be able to help one another.

Until next time…stay healthy, think peace, be love and see love in everyone! 

 Andrea Candee is a master herbalist for over 25 years with a consultation practice in South Salem, NY. She lectures throughout the country and at corporate wellness centers about taking charge of your health naturally. Media expert and author, her award-winning book, Gentle Healing for Baby and Child (Simon & Schuster), received The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval. Andrea is noted nationally for her unique and successful approach to Lyme Disease and works with clients and their pets anywhere in the country. Also available in hard copy or in PDF format are her booklets: Herbs, Recipes & Guidance to Winter WellnessSparkling Home, Healthy Planet, Clean Green, and The Cell Phone Dilemma…options for wellness in an unseen world.  

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