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Lyme and Acorns…What’s the Connection

Watch out this spring for infected nymphal ticks which may be on the rise due to mild winter temperatures (especially in the northeast) and a rise in mouse populations due to heavy acorn crops in 2010, according to Rick Ostfeld, a disease ecologist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY.

Ticks like to hitch rides on the mice who are quite good at transmitting the bacterium causing Lyme disease. They also can carry a strain of Hanta virus which can piggyback the tick although this is not discussed in the mainstream as the recommended Lyme treatment of antibiotics don’t touch viruses. The same may be said for the strain of Parvo virus often piggybacking the tick when it feeds on a dog…also not addressed with antibiotics.

My unique approach to addressing Lyme Disease releases all co-infections by addressing them with electrical frequencies that cancel their vibrations from the body. The frequencies are easily taken by mouth in the form of a tasteless liquid and can be combined with antibiotics, if you are still treating with them.

Larval ticks, small as poppy seeds, that fed on 2011’s abundant mouse population (due to the heavy acorn crop in 2010) will soon be looking for a springtime meal…don’t let it be you! In addition to the well-known recommendations such as tucking pants into socks, etc, treat yourself and your pets with eucalyptus (see directions in my article on Lyme Disease at my website here:  http://andreacandee.com/my-unique-approach-to-lyme-disease-part-1/)

Lyme can take different forms…headaches, muscle and joint pains, heart palpitations, great fatigue, brain fog, the neurological Lyme affecting nerves throughout the body, and the hormonal Lyme which wreaks havoc on the endocrine system. Lyme mimics and masks and is often either not thought of as a possible cause or only considered as a last resort. Lyme tests are often unreliable giving false negatives. If you’d like to know more about my successful approach to addressing chronic Lyme click on Lyme Disease on my website and also click on Articles and read the ones about Lyme, The Science of Vibrational Medicine and Quantum Physics.  There are also radio interviews you can hear in the Press section of my site.


Do share these important findings with everyone you know. It’s a blessing to be able to help one another.

Until next time…stay healthy, think peace, be love and see love in everyone!

Andrea Candee is a master herbalist for over 25 years with a consultation practice in South Salem, NY. She lectures throughout the country and at corporate wellness centers about taking charge of your health naturally. Media expert and author, her award-winning book, Gentle Healing for Baby and Child (Simon & Schuster), received The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval. Andrea is noted nationally for her unique and successful approach to Lyme Disease and works with clients and their pets anywhere in the country. Also available in hard copy or in PDF format are her booklets: Herbs, Recipes & Guidance to Winter WellnessSparkling Home, Healthy Planet, Clean Green, and The Cell Phone Dilemma…options for wellness in an unseen world.



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