The Science of Vibrational Healing

In the history of natural healing, first there were herbs, then came homeopathy and now there are vibrational formulas. All work well when you have knowledge of how to apply them.

Vibrational healing is a blending of research in the fields of microbiology and alternative medicine. Using the large body of science on pathogens and their effects on the body, plus the principles of homeopathy, vibrational formulas are a uniquely effective means to completely eliminate diseases.

Many of the formulas are based on miasms, the weaknesses in our bodies inherited from the illnesses of our ancestors. Miasms are the basis of all chronic diseases and appear in electrical form on the DNA. When a remedy is based on a miasm, there are a series of realizations and benefits that can occur. If, for example, 6 bottles are needed of a particular formula, the first third of the bottles yields benefits in the physical body. In the second third, we start to add the mental/emotional value when we begin to recognize patterns that need changing. In the third part, we perceive issues from a more spiritual perspective. In very individualistic ways we put the patterns and lessons together by the end of the 6 bottles. You need the full amount of the remedy to get the full physical result, the full mental result and the full spiritual result because they are all connected in the harmonic hologram of the body.

Whereas chronic diseases are defined as growing steadily worse almost no matter what is done, the science of vibrational healing disproves the definition and, for most people, can completely reverse disease for the rest of their lives.

Vibrational formulas are well-known as incapable of harming a person. It is true they may sometimes help a person heal faster than is comfortable, but that is easily compensated for by taking less of the remedy for a while. There is a finite time period to reverse the cause of the disease and then the remedies are no longer needed. Upon completion, when the offending miasms are nullified, the body starts to reconstruct itself. In most instances, the body part(s) affected start getting better and fully heal. There are no toxic materials or dangerous side effects just electrical frequencies and water.

Notable success has been achieved with allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue syndromes, candida, colitis, Crohns, diabetes, diverticulitis, emphysema, eczema, genital herpes, heart diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, leukemias (multiple forms), leaky gut, Lyme disease, lupus, migraines, teeth and gum issues, psoriasis, scoliosis, and much more.

The use of vibrational formulas has allowed discoveries unheard of in current science: a virus proved to be the basis of most all phobias, compulsions, obsessions.

With thousands of people healed in over a dozen countries, the word is slowly spreading. One woman took the remedies for osteoporosis 4 years ago. Subsequently, she had an auto accident where she was thrown out of the car and its full weight pinned both her legs for 45 minutes. At the hospital, the x-ray technician became very excited when the x-rays showed that not only were the legs not shattered, they werent even broken. She brought everybody who knew how to read x-rays into the viewing room to see what they had never seen before from such a severe accident. The program of remedies the woman had previously completed had helped the bones to not only repair the osteoporosis, but to strongly rebuild themselves.

This is a relatively new approach to healing built on solid systems of the past. It may take longer but it builds a stronger body. It may cost more for a short time, but you won’t need maintenance drugs to stay better. The remedies are designed to get in, get the job finished and then let your body function as it was originally designed to work and to rebuild itself. Our non-invasive methods of analysis find more issues than you knew were brewing. We believe each person is an individual and design our programs that way.

We believe that aging is a series of sicknesses that can be reversed. Would you like to live a long life if you can be more healthy than you are now? Can you stick with a program of taking drops 2-3x/day for several months to accomplish these goals? How many issues do you want to correct? We have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as incurable disease. It has been proven with many of the above diseases and research continues. The people who take the program are 95% satisfied. Our most basic question to each person is, Do you want to heal? We can help. (Healers Who Share, a group of independent health consultants based in the U.S., Canada, Norway Australia and the European Union