Quantum Physics and Vibrational Medicine

Protocols for chronic illness, genetic patterns, sexually transmitted diseases, ADD/ADHD, prostatic issues, Lyme, shingles, and much more.

Thank you, Cindy and Mark, for giving me the opportunity to share this body of work with all of you tonight.  It’s an exciting, highly developed, visionary, constantly evolving blueprint for working with the body, yet elegant in its simplicity and execution.  No one of us is the only road to Rome for a client.  Although I enjoy much success in my practice, sometimes I get that an additional path may be needed for someone…it could be chiropractic to restore alignment, past life work to explore why certain issues keep resurfacing in a person’s life, acupuncture to energize meridian pathways, some form of holistic therapy to deal with the repercussions of an illness.  We offer what we are trained to do.  I am a well-trained master herbalist.  Until about 15 years ago, I used only herbs in my practice.  But I was beginning to feel that the herbs were acting as a natural patch vs a pharmaceutical patch and that didn’t qualify as the complete answer to my passion for helping people regain their health. Certainly, herbs nourish, cleanse and rebuild, and they made people feel good…for a while.  But if there were underlying pathogens responsible for their symptoms, they returned because they were never directly addressed.  While I still supplement my protocols with herbal support, you all know about the benefits of herbs, so tonight I am going to address only the work I’ve been doing for these many years with vibrational remedies.

An excellent read in the field of vibrational medicine is Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century by Dr. Richard Gerber, an MD.  He introduces us to the conclusion that we, as human organisms, are ‘a series of interacting multidimensional subtle-energy systems’, and if imbalance develops in these energy systems, meaning that when the human organism is weakened it oscillates at a different or less-harmonic frequency, pathological symptoms will manifest on the physical/emotional/mental/spiritual planes.  He talks about how these imbalances can be healed, shifting us from the mechanistic Newtonian view to the Einsteinian, quantum physics, holistic medical point of view, that has been with us for thousands of years, using frequencies of vibrational medicine. Conventional medicine is based on Newtonian physics: body parts are repaired or replaced. Einstein came along in the 1920’s-30’s and told us everything is frequency, vibration. He called it Quantum Physics.  As a result of Einstein’s work, chemistry changed. Physics changed. Biology did not. Biology is still based on Newtonian physics from the 1600’s. Of course, Einstein addresses the meridian system as the key interfacing system between the etheric and the physical, pointing out that the interface is diagnostically important because disease states can be detected at the etheric level before they manifest on the physical plane.

I read a fascinating European study on this, years ago.  Using Kirlian photography, special equipment that photographs energy fields…we’ve all seen the famous leaf studies…where parts of the leaf were removed yet it’s energetic imprint remained…that’s Kirlian photography.  A large population had their energy fields photographed and, not surprisingly, when energetic disturbances in the film were found in the area corresponding to the chest, subjects were found to have physical symptoms there…asthma, bronchitis.  There were those that revealed imbalances in the energy field corresponding to the stomach area, yet had no noticeable symptoms. What was surprising to discover was that in follow-up studies, those people developed stomach or intestinal symptoms.  This turned modern thinking topsy-turvy.  This meant that symptoms didn’t develop in the physical body and then reflect in the energy body…they developed in the energy body first and then manifested physically.  This concept opens not just roads but super-highways into the field of energy medicine.


A little bit of my background as to how I arrived on this path: I received in the mail a flyer from a stranger announcing a workshop with the legendary herbalist, Hanna Kroeger, of Boulder, CO.  I attended and was awestruck by the work she presented and I knew I had to learn it.  The problem was that Hanna spoke very rapidly with a thick German accent and although I am a trained speech pathologist and can understand just about anyone, I knew that I couldn’t take in such a complex body of work with lack of full comprehension. I went home that day, enthralled but disappointed.  I meditated about what to do and heard that I just wasn’t ready to take it in.  Patience, Andrea, patience.  One of my life’s many lessons.

A couple of years later, I received a similar flyer from the same stranger about a person coming to do a presentation about Hanna’s work. OK, I thought, I’ll give it another try.  The presenter was Hanna’s protege, David Slater.  He spoke clearly like through a crystal, and I felt like I couldn’t continue working as I had been with the knowledge of what was available. I never made any personal contact with him that evening, but went home, meditated again about the work, and knew I had to do more than take workshops about it…I needed to be totally immersed in it…it’s the difference between studying a language to get by for travel and taking a full immersion program so you can become fluent in that language.  So I did something that I’d never done before or since…I wrote him asking, if I closed my practice for a month, would he take me on as an apprentice and allow me to work with him in his clinical practice. David, being the psychic he is, tuned in to me and determined it was the right thing to do and invited me to join him – as long as I studied with Hanna first!  Oh, my…the week I was to go to Hanna’s, was the week one of my ears closed up.  So now I was attempting to understand her with one ear open and the other clogged.  I’m sure the Universe wanted to be certain that I really wanted this knowledge.  A naturopath in the class introduced me to ear candling, I went to Wild Oats and bought half a dozen ear candles, read the instructions, and every night I candled my own ear in front of a mirror, flames shooting into the air…which shows you the level of desperation I had to learn this work.

Working with Hanna was challenging and amazing.  She allowed me to stay on with her alone for a week, which she didn’t normally allow people to do, and then I was ready to apprentice with David in his clinical practice for the next month…I felt truly supported by the Universe..and it was inspiring. And this was my introduction to vibrational medicine.

Taking off from concepts of homeopathy and quantum physics, Hanna embraced and grew a system of healing that can heal diseases for a lifetime without taking a lifetime of remedies. When Hanna passed on, David continued on with the work, under the umbrella of an organization he created called Healers Who Share. As a Healers Who Share practitioner, I implement, but don’t do the tireless, extensive research that creates the formats. It is David who pores through the medical literature, sees thousands of people each year, and develops the protocols and components of the vibrational remedies. The protocols devised have been so successful that there are now flourishing branches of Healers Who Share in Norway, Canada, Germany, and Australia.


The method is as simple as taking drops from bottles. There are no special diets – except the obvious expectation that eating healthfully will promote healing and avoiding sugars that feed bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus. The remedies are safe. Compared to the cost of medical model approaches, which treat but never cure chronic illness, the expense is modest. The results are spectacular.

The results are achieved with “vibrational formulas” which contain a form of electricity put in a bottle of structured distilled water to hold the vibrations stable. The vibrations are specific counter-frequencies of different pathogens that make up a disease.

Everything has a specific vibration. There is a specific vibration for the paper you read, for the ink on the paper and for the eyes that see it. In health, things that bother us are called pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, parasites. Each one of them also has a specific vibration.  Under the microscope the physicist examines a strep bacteria.  There are many strains of strep and each one vibrates to a different frequency…one that invades the lungs may vibrate at 60.92 cycles per second, while a strep that invades the throat may vibrate at 60.24.  Using electro-magnetic designed in Europe, where you can dial in precise frequencies, the vibration is captured in the medium of distilled water.

Diagram of Counter Vibration

Let’s say this picture represents how the vibration of strep in the lungs diagrams out. If we identify its exact vibration, we can disintegrate the bacteria. The next picture represents the application of the exact vibration to counter it. It is like a singer singing a very high note. That note could break apart a champagne glass without harming the tray that the glass sits on or the waiter carrying the tray. In the same way, the right vibration, in the drops you take, will gradually break apart (dismantle) the targeted bacteria without harming the body that surrounds it. In this last picture, we show the effect of adding a counter vibration that makes the two “flat-line” out or cancel each other just as sound waves do.


The scientific law is “vibration precedes manifestation”. For technical and lay people alike, the best reference is the Bible that says, “In the beginning there was the word.” Therefore the physical is simply a harmonic of the beginning vibration. In the example with the shattered champagne glass, the same singer could sing the same note in a lower octave and it would do nothing to the glass. But singing the right note in the right octave matches the harmonic of the glass. If the note is loud enough the amplitude will shatter the glass. In the same way, if the counter vibration is applied long enough, the pathogen will be shattered.

Homeopathic vs. Vibrational Remedies

What we’re talking about here sounds very similar to homeopathy. There are thousands of years of history behind the homeopathic principle of like cures like. The primary difference is in the preparation.  A homeopathic remedy does contain some molecules of the original substance, while the vibrational remedy carries nothing but its vibration. With too much of the homeopathically prepared substance, we see a proving of the remedy, or an overdose with symptoms.

With too much of the vibrational remedy we will either see no negative response or we could see, as is sometimes the case in the treatment of skin ailments, an exacerbation of symptoms, in which case the remedy is reduced in quantity until the symptoms go away and the tolerance level is built up more slowly. But this is the exception rather than the rule.  By making the remedies only with vibrations, there is no substance that can harm you. The vibrations are so specific that if you take the wrong remedy, you may have missed out on something wonderful, but you can’t be hurt.  If you take the remedies too aggressively, you can heal faster than is comfortable – but I’m a great believer in gentle healing and don’t encourage that.

We accept homeopathic and vibrational principle like electricity. We may not be able to explain exactly how it works, but we know how to create it and use it very effectively. If you can plug in the lamp and turn on the switch to get light, do you need to know exactly how the electrons move to make the electricity?

Like many other aspects of science, the current belief is, “If you can’t understand everything about how it works, then it must be false”. Allopathic medicine therefore rejects the concept of like cures like. They run on the concept of “block the block”. Whatever in your body blocks your health should be blocked. Hence they have developed beta-blockers, acid blockers and other drugs that suppress the blocks and ignore the principle of like cures like…except, of course, when it comes to allergy shots and vaccinations.

Diseases / Infections

As long as science does not recognize how our system works we can only be called ‘experimental’ in our approach. We are therefore quietly leaving current science behind in the dust. Our so-called experimental method is quietly achieving success with a wide variety of issues. Some issues are simple infections and others are viewed as full diseases by the allopathic health field. For many issues, they are just names or diagnoses or labels. Some are classified as “incurable” in current science.  Patients are sent off with a label to cling to but when you look at the underlying components, these labels are usually comprised of genetic weaknesses that attracted pathogens.  Vibrational remedies can address these.


Using vibrational formulas we are able to dissolve the causes, instead of blocking them. Homeopathy introduced us to “miasms”, the weaknesses in our bodies that come from the diseases of our ancestors. Using vibrational formulas we are able to dissolve the combinations of miasms plus the pathogens that form the symptoms, of an inherited cause of a disease.

Miasms…genetic weaknesses.  150 years ago, there were illnesses that were commonly found in societies, like tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea. Let’s say someone in your family, 150 years ago, had syphilis. Too far back to point any fingers.  It doesn’t mean that anyone ever again in the family would develop syphilis but we do recognize the genetic weaknesses passed on from someone who had syphilis…and they include 3 distinct sets of symptoms.  The person with the syphilis miasm will be the person with intestinal weaknesses…the one who gets diarrhea or constipation when they’re nervous…the one with irritable bowl syndrome, colitis.  Another hallmark of a syphilis miasm is reflected in the skin.  That will be the family where the teenagers get severe acne, you’ll see psoriasis, eczema, hives, rashes.  In other families, you may never see any of that…because they don’t carry the genetic weakness.  The third reflection of a syphilis miasm is a life-long pattern of mood swings, depression, a general feeling of malaise.  For those of you who work with intestinal health…do you see how important the intestinal health is to a person with a syphilis miasm?  Why strengthening their intestines will positively impact their skin and moods?

Another example…the tuberculosis miasm.  A classic homeopathic miasm.  Someone has TB and passes the weakness on to successive generations and what do we see? We see a family with chest weaknesses..asthma, bronchitis, colds always gong to the chest.  Why do we see a 90 year old man who smokes, yet a 50 year old man dies of lung cancer?  The 90 year old doesn’t have a tuberculosis miasm and the 50 year old did.  The TB miasm can also affect kidneys and bones.  Severe osteoporosis occurs in some family lines and not in others…that’s a TB miasm.  Macular degeneration appears in some families and not in others…that’s a TB miasm.

We believe there is no such thing as an incurable disease. Our list of healings continues to increase. We certainly do not claim to have all the answers. Yet, as our research continues, we add to the list of diseases resolved.

Beyond the Phsyical

By using vibrational remedies we have found that the results are not limited to the physical. Vibrations are the common denominator to our physical, our emotional, our mental and our spiritual presence. For the person attuned to spirit/mind/body awareness, the physical results will be achieved with the right remedies in a way that may stir the mental thoughts that attracted the condition, in a way that we may emotionally feel the impact and in a way that we may be nudged to learn the spiritual value of the issue. The remedies will not dictate what we will do in the mental, emotional and spiritual realms, yet, they will help create the opportunity to reconsider decisions and judgments that attracted physical disharmony so that you might choose differently in the future. In short, vibrational remedies approach the whole person in ways some other modalities cannot.

How to Take

Before we get on to specific protocols, let’s look at the practical side.  A vibrational remedy, like a homeopathic, needs to be kept away from food or drink by 20 minutes. The vibration of food and drink can be strong, while the vibration of the remedy is fragile, so we don’t want the food to antidote it.  Unlike the homeopathic, there are no restrictions regarding the avoidance of mints, coffee, and other strong influences.  The drops are put directly into the mouth. The remedies are kept 15 seconds apart from one another.  So, if there are 4 remedies in a protocol, it takes a minute to take them; 8 remedies…2 minutes, 12 remedies…3 minutes.  Not a great investment of time and no preparation – like boiling a tea – required.  The remedies are taken 3 times a day.  Keeping them away from food, it’s easiest to take them in bed, when you first awaken, once during the day away from food, or when you come home from work, and at bedtime.  The morning and nighttime doses are very easy to get in…it’s the mid-day dose that often poses a problem for people.  So, then I tell them, rather than stress about getting it in during the day, take it before dinner and again at bedtime.  Like I tell the kids…no snack when you come home from school until 20 minutes after you’ve taken your remedies. Or, skip the middle dose and only take it twice a day…it will just make the protocol take 1/3 longer.  If the symptoms are great enough, people have no problem getting in 3 doses a day  at least for a while.

Before I even see a client, I begin working with them by reported history and saliva sample.  The toxins of the body, the RNA and DNA are all reflected in the saliva.  It may take me an hour or two or three to analyze the saliva by dowsing against the thousands of remedies we have available, creating a portrait of what’s got a foothold in this person’s body.

A protocol of remedies could take anywhere between 3 and 6 months to complete.  Symptomatic relief is generally seen in the first weeks or month, depending upon how the pathogen is weakening and how long and chronic the problem has been.  Full relief will usually be seen well before the protocol is completed, but I encourage finishing the program so the pathogen is fully neutralized.  We wouldn’t want stress to kick it up again.  Unless a person contracts a pathogen anew, it is gone from the body forever.

Specific Protocal Example: Lyme Disease

This one frustrates me the most because it is one of the easiest things to resolve with vibrational medicine, yet conventional medicine has turned it into a political hot potato.  If the tick that got you carried nothing more than the Lyme infected spirochete, an antibiotic will resolve the issue in three weeks…end of story.  But for all those people who go on to having chronic Lyme for years, other issues prevail…their tick carried some other pathogens along with the spirochete. Several years ago, mainstream medicine acknowledged that the spirochete could be piggybacked by other pathogens…that’s when we were introduced to Ehrlichiosis and Babesia…but what are these? These are bacteria – addressed with antibiotics. What they won’t acknowledge is that your tick may have fed upon a dog and picked up a strain of Parvo virus; or fed on a mouse and picked up a strain of Hanta virus.  Now you have a spirochete piggybacked by viruses.  No wonder the antibiotics are not resolving the issue…antibiotics don’t touch viruses. Why aren’t they addressing this? Perhaps because they don’t have a drug for the viruses?  Mainstream medicine’s explanation as to why you’re not well or why the Lyme resurfaced is that the spirochete hid in the nervous system, only to rear its ugly head again. The real reason is that the viruses were never addressed and now you have a new frequency of pathogen: that of a spirochete piggybacked by hanta and parvo…a different vibration than the original spirochete.  Of course, we have a remedy called Spirochete/Hanta/Parvo.  But we also have a remedy called Tick Toxins to address the metabolic waste these microorganisms leave behind, creating toxic overload in the joints and bloodstream. Sometimes, the spirochete invades the nerves of the teeth…we have a remedy called Teeth Spirochetal.  See how complicated Lyme can be and how it’s not being addressed properly?

Often, the person with long term, chronic Lyme will not test positive for Lyme until, sometimes, the 5th test.  Why? I suspect the viruses are skewing the results.  What really frustrated me this past year, is that I’ve been seeing people medically diagnosed with Lyme piggybacked by Bartonella. Bartonella is a bacteria…do you know what Bartonella is? Cat scratch fever.  The tick fed on a cat and picked it up.  So why can’t it feed on a dog or mouse and pick up the viruses?  I’ll leave it there…frustrated, but happy I have solutions…

By the way, it was using the vibrational remedies for Lyme that convinced the skeptic in me that vibrational medicine really worked.  Until I was working with Lyme, there was always that voice in me that questioned whether it was the vibrationals or herbs or combination of them that was really working.  As I was seeking an answer, the Universe so graciously accomodated me, for then I was blessed with an influx of people with Lyme and, for most of them, all they received were the vibrational remedies and their Lyme reversed itself…that was the proof I needed to know how effective the concept was…Lyme Disease became my proving ground for the vibrational remedies.