My Unique Approach to Lyme Disease (part 3)

Researchers are still puzzled.

In many cases of chronic Lyme, medical researchers cannot understand why symptoms either do not respond to intensive antibiotic therapy or persist when intensive testing fails to reveal signs of the Lyme bacteria in blood or spinal fluid. In a New York Times article, they reportedly account for these symptoms by assuming that Lyme has led to autoimmune dysfunction without considering that the tick may have passed more than just bacteria into its human host.  In my client population, I have found the majority of long-term Lyme cases complicated by viral co-infections.

When children and adults do not fully and quickly recover with a round or two of antibiotics, it may be because viruses are also involved.

They do, however, respond to natural remedies designed to target the specific viruses and can be given along with antibiotics – without interfering with each other.

A  Conversation About Chronic Lyme Disease.

What has the tick fed upon before it met up with you?

A deer is the universal response. It picked up a spirochete from a deer.

You’ve been or are currently being treated with antibiotics for the spirochete…for a long time.

But you’re still not well.  Why?

Here’s something to think about…What else did the tick feed upon before it found you?

A cat? The tick could have passed Bartonella into you…no problem.  Bartonella is a bacteria.  That’s addressed with antibiotics.

A dog?  A mouse?  A squirrel?  A horse?  A raccoon?

Did you know that these and many other wild animals carry viruses? Neuroviruses.

Neuroviruses can enter the central nervous system causing brain fog, memory loss, nerve discomfort, headaches, joint and muscle pain, dizziness, anxiety, and much more.

It’s not just the spirochete.

Did you know that a flea can pass pathogens into a tick?

The logical question to ask is: Did the tick pass a virus into you?

Are you being treated for a virus? Not with an antibiotic…antibiotics don’t affect viruses.

You may not be feeling well because you are still carrying viruses passed into you by a tick.

The virus can be intricately bound with the spirochete. The union of a virus with the spirochete can prevent the antibiotic from totally eradicating the spirochete from your body.

Targeting Viral Co-infections with Vibrational Frequencies…quantum physics, a model for healing in the 21st century.

Every living thing has its own particular vibration. When the vibration of a pathogen (a virus, for example) is identified, a natural remedy can be made to counter its vibration, canceling it out.

Vibrational medicine is a systems approach based upon the Einsteinian paradigm of healing1. Vibrational remedies can target viral co-infections by communicating with their electrical frequencies. It is the vibrational signature of the substance and not its molecular properties which are utilized for healing benefits2.

If we use exactly the right vibration it will dismantle the virus. Like a singer singing a very high note, the note, vibrating at the same frequency of a champagne glass, shatters the glass without harming anything else around it. In much the same way, the electrical charge in a vibrational remedy gradually breaks apart the targeted virus without harming the body that surrounds it.

This is a very different way of thinking about healing your body. Not yet recognized as scientific method, the vibrational approach is considered experimental with results speaking for themselves.

Vibrational remedies are gentle and safe and do not interfere with conventional medical treatment. Water can be charged and then store various types of subtle energies3.  The method of taking them is as simple as taking drops from a bottle. People suffering for years from the effects of Lyme Disease often see reversal of their symptoms.

The quantum physicists…are…the first of a new breed of scientists…to explore…complex energy relationships between people and their environment…we are in the midst of a massive paradigm shift from the older mechanical worldview of the Newtonian (scientists) to the new perspective of an interconnected holistic universe as envisioned by the Einsteinian thinkers4.

Like many others who have recovered from chronic Lyme Disease using vibrational formulas, why not step out of the box and try something new. To listen to a radio interview discussing my unique approach to Lyme Disease, go to Look under On Demand Episodes to choose by date: Dec 29, 2010.

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Footnotes 1-4: Richard Gerber, MD. Vibrational Medicine…New Choices for Healing Ourselves